Saturday, April 12, 2014

no family

Lonely, isn't it
Having nobody to rely on
No family in this world

This is the world I live in
This is the world I don't want to let it exist

Feel broken
Before that picture of happy family
Is it real? If yes then what about mine?
If the having family equals warmth
Then why I suffer?

And unable to understand
Wander on and on
Shred thousand tears
With no place I can call home

Always alone
And nobody understands


Friday, April 11, 2014

clear sky

The sky is clearing up
Behind grey clouds reveals blue heaven
In this wind I know I can fly
In this wind I know I'll go far

Possibilities show up in front me
There are many ways to follow the stars
All that I missed, now I've seen
My direction is clear, I can see my north star

2/22/2014 09:27 AM

Thursday, April 10, 2014


on this path
hanging over a cliff
i fear
to go forward i might die
to go forward i might seize glory
but i'm afraid

i know i can go back
and go back is what i do
leaving the glory that is meant for me
running away from what I'm called for
I'm afraid

and then days go by, months go by
i live a lifeless life
i live in regret
it's so easy to regret, it's difficult to take chance
i know i should jumped in, but I'm afraid

and now that I'm ready
that glory no more choose me

so lifeless life i live
regretting listening to my fear
now the moment has passed i can see
whose voice is it, ringing in my ears
devil or angel?

2014/02/22 09:38 AM

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

because we are empty

Why are we chasing our dreams?
Why can't we live a standard life?
It's because we are empty
Empty to the core
We don't know what we are here for

We are empty
So we have to go search for it
Our gold at the end of rainbow

We are born without a call to struggle
So we realize what our parents will realize when they retire
That people can't live with that
That we are an empty shell
And it's so heartbreaking

2014/02/22 12:48 PM